captgas equipment

Is a company engaged in the research and development of nitrogen generator maintenance and other equipment

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captgas equipment

Is a company engaged in the research and development of nitrogen production equipment and other equipment

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about us


about us

Captgas equipment Co., Ltd-Suzhou headquarters is located in suzhou jiangnan - lake bridge industrial park, is engaged in air separation nitrogen making, hydrogen, oxygen and auxiliary equipment of research, development, manufacture and relevant technical service and consulting of high-tech enterprises.

The company and the Chinese academy of sciences subordinate several research institutions have good relations of cooperation, is responsible for a range of new technology of marketing. The company has collected the mechanical, electrical, gas technology, etc XieZuoHua, high efficiency of senior professional and technical elite, and employs more than dr. Industry experts for the consultants, has the formidable comprehensive product development capabilities. Also have an experienced, professional high level of design, production, after-sales service team. And has formed a r&d, manufacture and service of the three-level management system.

Wide coverage, excellent performance

Flexible control and convenient operation

PSA oxygen machine

The oxygen production cost is low, the process flow is simple, and the product gas can be obtained 5 to 10 minutes after starting. The level of automation is high, and it can be unattended. Low working pressure and good safety. Product purity is easy to adjust, strong adaptability

Ammonia decomposition furnace

Ammonia decomposition hydrogen production equipment uses liquid ammonia as a raw material. After vaporization, the ammonia gas is heated to a certain temperature. Under the action of a catalyst, the ammonia is decomposed into a hydrogen-nitrogen mixture gas, and the liquid ammonia is vaporized and preheated into a decomposition furnace equipped with a catalyst. , At a certain temperature

Nitrogen purification

The hydrogenation purification equipment adopts the catalytic deoxygenation + adsorption drying method. Under the catalyst, the trace oxygen in the general nitrogen reacts with hydrogen to remove the oxygen and produce water. The chemical reaction formula is 2H2+O2→2H2O+Q. Then through adsorption...

Hydrogen purification

QC series hydrogen purification device is a kind of hydrogen purification equipment that uses hydrogen as raw material, through catalytic deoxygenation, cooling and water removal, and adsorption and drying. It is mainly composed of pre-heater, deaerator, cooler, condenser, dryer, instrument control system...

Hydrogen and nitrogen ratio device

The nitrogen and hydrogen proportioning device mainly uses the control of the flow of hydrogenation or nitrogen addition to achieve the purpose of mixing hydrogen and nitrogen in a certain proportion. Under normal circumstances, it is to control the flow of less gas, a nitrogen and hydrogen proportioning device...

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