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Box type nitrogen generator

As one of the manufacturers of Suzhou brand nitrogen generators, it is not difficult to see from the composition of the nitrogen generators that after many years of users, the following factors affect the stability:

1. The control valve of the main machine of the nitrogen generator:

For PSA nitrogen generators, the valve must have the following performance:

a Good material performance, absolutely no air leakage;

b Complete the opening or closing action within 0.02 seconds after receiving the control signal;

c can withstand frequent opening and closing to ensure a sufficiently long service life;

Under normal conditions of use, each programmable valve must be opened and closed every cycle (about 120 seconds). The nitrogen generator is calculated as 300 working days per year and operates continuously 24 hours a day. The adsorption and desorption cycle is 4 minutes. Then each valve needs to be opened and closed more than 200,000 times per year. And as long as one of the valves fails, it will affect the normal operation of the entire equipment. Therefore, the continuous service life of the valve is the most important link for the stability and reliability of the nitrogen generator.

The pneumatic valve and electromagnetic valve imported from Germany are used by Suzhou captgas company to ensure its stability.

2. The carbon molecular sieve of the nitrogen generator

a Carbon molecular sieve hardness

b Carbon molecular sieve nitrogen production (Nm3/T-h)

c Carbon molecular sieve recovery rate (N2/Air)%

d Packing density of carbon molecular sieve

Suzhou captgas company uses the most refined materials imported from Germany or Japan, with a packing density of 700

Filling method of carbon molecular sieve

Suzhou captgas company adopts German Carbo technology --- equipped with the company's special filling tools to ensure that each carbon molecular sieve is better used.

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