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Ammonia decomposition hydrogen production unit

The structural characteristics of the AF system Cape ammonia cracking hydrogen production furnace:

Cracking tube: Tubular (U) type cracking tube is made of heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant nickel alloy material (American INCOLOY alloy 800HT), TIG welded, and equipped with a special catalyst for sintering nickel. At 800℃-850℃, the cracking rate is 99.99%.

Heating chamber: The heating chamber is heated by high-quality alloy materials with low watt density to ensure a long service life. The heating chamber uses Japanese ISOLITE lightweight aluminum silicate fiberboard for heat preservation.

Ammonia flow control: There are American Fisher pressure reducing valve, pressure gauge, high and low pressure display on the inlet ammonia pipeline.

Gas cooler: Equipped with a gas heat exchanger and a vertical pipe water cooler.

Temperature control: The microcomputer controller adjusts the K-type thermocouple. These instruments provide the most advanced microcomputer design, set temperature or control adjustment, and LED deviation display;

Alarm function: When the ammonia pressure is too high or too low, or the temperature is abnormal, the system will give an audible and visual alarm to prompt inspection and adjustment.

High-efficiency vaporizer: The vaporization of liquid ammonia adopts electric heating to vaporize liquid ammonia.

High-efficiency deaerator: Because the decomposition gas source contains trace oxygen, the precious metal palladium deep deoxygenation reaction generates water, which is removed by the adsorption dryer.

Structural characteristics of FC system purification device:

The FC series purification device uses a special process to remove the moisture and residual ammonia in the decomposition gas to improve the quality of the decomposition gas.

●Structure and process control:

Digestion and absorption Austrian EBNER dryer adopts the structure of the inner cylinder to heat the airflow, which avoids the local overheating of the heating element, so that the molecular sieve in the dryer is evenly heated. At the same time, it has the two effects of the airflow medium and the cylinder wall to heat the molecular sieve bed, and the temperature gradient is strict. It is controlled within the scope of the process to minimize energy consumption.

●Unique molecular sieve:

The world's leading American UOP 5A molecular sieve developer has maintained a long-term good cooperation with Kaipu. The molecular sieves in Kaipu's FC purification unit are all tailor-made, with a special structure and shape to ensure the best performance.

●Control process:

Purification adsorber uses German SIEMENS or MITSUBISHI controller to control adsorption and regeneration, and can alarm with sound and light, fully automatic and unattended.

Atmosphere treatment index of Kaipu ammonia decomposition hydrogen production furnace

AF after decomposition

FC after purification


gas composition

75%H2 ,25%N2

75%H2 ,25%N2


impurity oxygen



add deaerator to 1ppm

residual ammonia




dew point




work pressure


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