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Atmospheric hydrogen purifier

Hydrogen Purification Device (Hydrogen Refining Equipment) The hydrogen purification equipment series of hydrogen purifiers use steel cylinders of hydrogen, ammonia decomposition to produce hydrogen, and chemical plant tail gas recovery hydrogen as raw materials. The precious metal palladium contacts the coal to catalytically remove oxygen, condense, and adsorb two-stage drying. Filter to remove impurity oxygen, moisture and dust in hydrogen to obtain high-purity hydrogen.

Technical indicators of hydrogen purifier

Product air volume: (1-300) Nm3/h

Purity: ≥99.9999%

Oxygen content: ≤1ppm

Dew point: ≤-70℃

Overview of Hydrogen Refining Equipment

1. Import

The hydrogen input from the outside of the factory, in a saturated state, removes part of the water and particles through the (gas separator, one open and one preparation), and the water flows into the (liquid collector). When the water in the liquid collector reaches a certain height, it passes through the liquid Position signal, open the shut-off valve, discharge part of the water, and at the same time, the gas entrained in the sewage returns to the inlet end for reuse.

2. Heating and deaeration

The separated hydrogen is heated by the (steam heater) to a temperature of about 150°C, and then enters the (deaerator). Under the catalysis of the precious metal palladium, the oxygen and hydrogen in the gas react to form water (H2+O2=H2O) , The oxygen content in the gas is below 1ppm.

3. Removal of water

The hydrogen after deoxygenation passes through the (primary cooler), the circulating water reduces the gas temperature to below 40°C, and then passes through the (secondary cooler), and the ice water reduces the gas temperature to below 10°C. After cooling, it produces The water flows into the (liquid collector).When the water in the liquid collector reaches a certain height, through the liquid level signal, the shut-off valve is opened to discharge part of the water, and the gas entrained in the sewage returns to the inlet end for reuse.

4. Dry

The cooled gas enters (drying tower). The drying tower is equipped with a 5A zeolite molecular sieve. The gas is efficiently adsorbed by the molecular sieve, and the gas dew point is below -65°C.

After the drying tower has been working, after it has absorbed a certain amount of moisture, the drying step must be regenerated. First, take a small part (about 15 cubic meters) of purified hydrogen and heat it to 180°C by (electric heater), and enter The drying tower to be regenerated should be heated for 5 hours and then cooled for 3 hours. In this way, the regenerated drying tower can be reused in the next stage. (Drying tower), one job, one regeneration, alternate switching.

5. Output

The dried gas passes through the (gas filter) to remove particles, then enters the (gas storage tank), and then goes to the post section for use.

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