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    On-site debugging

    In order to ensure that the product reaches the optimal state after commissioning, our company (Kaipu Nitrogen Generator, Hydrogen Generator) has compiled operating specifications and quality management documents related to on-site commissioning, and is subject to all process standards, materials and procedures during commissioning. Control the status so that all links of debugging are carried out in strict accordance with the drawings and process requirements.

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    Debug project 1

    The user is responsible for organizing (nitrogen generator, hydrogen generator) required water, electricity, gas installation and other engineering facilities and sites. Our engineers check whether the user site has met the equipment installation requirements, whether the site and installation facilities are available, especially if it is empty. The location of the compressor and refrigeration dryer should be well ventilated.

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    Debug project 2

    Check with the user whether the contents of the equipment arriving at the user are complete, and whether the equipment is damaged due to transportation, loading and unloading.

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    Debug project 3

    Check the installation quality of the equipment, including the electrical control system, air pretreatment system, air separation system, alarm system and the quality of its end details.

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    Debug project 4

    Detect the gas pressure, flow, purity and other performance indicators of nitrogen generators and hydrogen generators.

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    Debug project 5

    The adaptability of the test equipment to various variable operating conditions or other external adverse conditions to ensure the normal operation of the nitrogen generator and hydrogen generator.

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    Debug project 6

    Adjust the equipment to a state that meets the requirements of the user, and make the equipment run as low load and energy consumption as possible.

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    Debug project 7

    Carry out a comprehensive inspection and on-site maintenance of the equipment.

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    Debug project 8

    Product acceptance. Refer to the contract, and jointly carry out the product project and function acceptance with the user, and sign the acceptance certificate as the device acceptance certificate.

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