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Ammonia decomposition hydrogen production unit

Please look for the brand ammonia decomposition supplier---Kaipu brand ammonia decomposition hydrogen production equipment uses liquid ammonia as the raw material. After vaporization, the ammonia gas is heated to a certain temperature. Under the action of the catalyst, the ammonia is decomposed into a hydrogen-nitrogen mixture gas. After ammonia gasification and preheating, it enters the decomposition furnace equipped with a catalyst. Under the action of a certain temperature and pressure and the catalyst, the ammonia is decomposed to produce a mixed gas containing 75% hydrogen and 25% nitrogen. The gas passes through the heat exchanger and cooler and flows After calculation, it can be purified or used directly.

To make the ammonia fully decompose, the following conditions must be met:

1. Supply a large amount of heat source in time and adequately.

2. Better catalyst.

3. The purity of liquid ammonia is above 99.8%.

Features of ammonia decomposition equipment:

(1) Saving water and electricity:

Kaipu's ammonia decomposition hydrogen production equipment requires only a small amount of process water, which effectively saves water sources, and uses the decomposition gas heat energy to preheat the ammonia gas to achieve the purpose of saving electricity.

(2) Quickly replace the resistance wire:

The resistance wire structure of Kaipu's ammonia decomposition hydrogen production equipment is a plug-in type, which can be easily replaced without stopping the gas. It can be replaced in just a few minutes, avoiding the need to shut down the furnace for cooling for at least one day and then dismantle and replace the traditional structure.

(3) Less investment and easy to use:

The technology is mature, the structure is compact, the whole is skid-mounted, and it occupies a small area. No infrastructure investment is required. It is easy to operate and low in price. It is still very economical for extracting pure hydrogen. You only need to connect power and gas sources to produce hydrogen on site.

(4) Wide application range:

It can meet most of the needs of hydrogen, especially in the leading fields of metal heat treatment, powder metallurgy, electronics, etc. It has been widely used.

(5) Low operating cost:

Low investment, cheap liquid ammonia raw materials, low energy consumption, high efficiency, and low operating cost. It is the most economical source of nitrogen-hydrogen mixed protective atmosphere.

Technical indicators of ammonia decomposition:

Raw material gas ammonia grade: first grade ammonia

Flow rate: 5-1000Nm3/h

Residual ammonia: ≤1ppm

Oxygen content: ≤1ppm

Dew point: ≤-65℃

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