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Nitrogen generator for food industry

Because nitrogen is inert at room temperature and is not easy to breed bacteria, it is widely used in the preservation and storage of beverages, fruits, vegetables, cakes, tea, Chinese herbal medicines, pasta and other foods. It can fully maintain the original color, aroma, and taste. The storage quality is significantly better than mechanical refrigeration.

In the storage and preservation of the food industry, the demand for nitrogen is not that the higher the purity, the better. In the process of food preservation, the ambient gas containing trace oxygen can get the best preservation effect.

In order to meet the nitrogen requirements of the food industry, based on the general nitrogen generator and the characteristics of the food industry, Kaipu has specially developed a special nitrogen production solution for food with a purity of 95% to 99.9% and an adjustable purity. Based on the different requirements of nitrogen purity for food, the best preservation effect can be achieved.


1. The purity can be adjusted in the range of 95% to 99.9%. The nitrogen is dry and the dew point is low, which is good for food preservation;

2. Excellent price-performance ratio and quick return on investment;

3. Simple appearance, compact structure, small footprint, easy to clean, and meet the high cleanliness requirements of the food industry;

4. The process is mature, manufactured with high-quality devices, and durable.

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