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Pharmaceutical chemical foaming nitrogen generator system

Inertization of the gas layer above the storage liquid; purging of containers, pipes, reactors and isolation chambers; synthetic fiber spinning, drawing anti-chlorination, equipment anti-corrosion; nitrogen filling in the production of paint and paint to prevent polymerization during oil drying; Provide protective gas for oil tankers (sealing and cleaning gas with nitrogen on the oil surface); supply of inert gas for marine engineering; dry coke quenching, catalyst regeneration, petroleum fractionation, nitrogen fertilizer raw materials, catalyst protection, scrubbing gas, packaging and storage of rubber, Tire production, etc.; nitrogen pressure injection to extract petroleum, etc.

Technical index:

·Gas production: 1~1000Nm3/h

·Purity: 95%-99.99%

· Dew point temperature: -45℃

·Outlet pressure: 0.1~1.0Mpa

In the equipment system: PSA nitrogen production equipment is designed and manufactured in accordance with the standards of the relevant pressure vessels and pressure pipes of the People’s Republic of China, and conforms to the standards for the use of pressure vessels; air compression and purification equipment (air compressors, refrigeration dryers, filters) are selected Joint venture imported brand; the main core material "molecular sieve" of pressure swing adsorption adopts imported high-quality products-Japanese/German high-efficiency carbon molecular sieve; automatic control system adopts German imported solenoid valve, German imported pneumatic valve, joint venture SMC pressure reducing valve, quick connector, Equipped with a Japanese/German PLC program controller to ensure the reliable and stable operation of the nitrogen production equipment system.

Except that the air compressor is a rotating equipment, the entire PSA nitrogen production system is static equipment, and there are basically no equipment failures; the maintenance amount and failure points only exist in the air compressor; although the pneumatic valve is a moving and rotating part, Its use can guarantee 3 million trouble-free times, so the equipment system runs reliably and stably

PSA technical characteristics:

1). The raw material air is taken from nature, only need to provide compressed air and power to produce nitrogen. The equipment has low energy consumption and low operating costs.

2). The purity of nitrogen is easy to adjust, and the purity of nitrogen is only affected by the amount of nitrogen exhaust. The purity of ordinary nitrogen can be adjusted arbitrarily between 95% and 99.999%.

3). The equipment has a high degree of automation, fast gas production, and can realize unmanned operation. Just press a button for startup and shutdown, and nitrogen can be produced within 15-20 minutes after startup.

4). The equipment process is simple, the equipment structure is small, and the floor space is small. The equipment has strong adaptability.

5). PSA equipment can be operated for 24 hours without special supervision. The output of high-purity nitrogen is purer and more stable than market liquid nitrogen and cylinder nitrogen.

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