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Medium pressure hydrogen purifier

Fully automatic explosion-proof medium pressure hydrogen purification device (Zhapu Port)

QC series hydrogen purification device is a kind of hydrogen purification equipment that uses hydrogen as raw material, through catalytic deoxygenation, cooling and water removal, and adsorption and drying. It is mainly composed of pre-heater, deaerator, cooler, condenser, dryer, instrument control system and other components.

working principle

This device first heats the raw material hydrogen gas, and then makes it enter the deaerator equipped with a palladium catalyst. In the deaerator, the trace oxygen in the hydrogen gas reacts with hydrogen under the action of the catalyst to produce water vapor O2+2H2→2H2O, which is then condensed to remove water to achieve the purpose of deoxygenation. The hydrogen after deoxygenation and dewatering is further absorbed and dried by a dryer equipped with molecular sieves. So as to obtain high-purity hydrogen with extremely low water and oxygen content.

Main technical performance

Processing gas volume: 0.5~2000Nm3/h

Raw material hydrogen oxygen content: ≤2%

Product hydrogen oxygen content: ≤1ppm

Product hydrogen dew point: ≤-60~-70℃

Product nitrogen pressure: 0.1~1.0Mpa

Dryer switching mode: automatic or manual

Structure form: frame structure with panel or box type

main feature

Simple process, deep deaeration depth, low dew point

Electrical installations are designed according to explosion-proof requirements

Low operating cost and less equipment investment

Convenient operation and easy maintenance

High reliability

Fully automatic explosion-proof 1300Nm3/h medium pressure hydrogen purification device (Zhapu Port)

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