During the national day holiday, your nitrogen generator system needs a comprehe
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Normally, after our nitrogen production system is turned on, it is not easy to shut down, and the protective atmosphere has always been indispensable in production. This national holiday also requires a comprehensive physical examination for them (nitrogen generator system). Only in this way can you bring a safer and more stable nitrogen atmosphere to your company.

It will appear when we use it normally. Under normal circumstances, there are some problems with nitrogen production opportunities as follows:

1) There is no automatic drain under the air filter or the automatic drain does not work (cannot drain), so the filter is not at all

Works; need to be replaced in time!

2) The drain of the freeze dryer does not work, and the air storage tank is not draining normally (about 100Kg of water was discharged in the past).

Need to make an order to ensure that the water can be released regularly!

2) The freeze dryer is not refrigerating and no personnel find out in time. Need to feel the temperature difference between the front and rear tubes from time to time!

3) There is no activated carbon degreasing device at the front of the nitrogen generator. This must have, to absorb a small amount of oil mist, to ensure that the carbon molecular sieve does not


4) A large number of black particles are ejected from the muffler of the nitrogen generator. The upper and lower screens must be checked, it will not work if they are chalked, please contact

Captgas company engineers, they will give you better advice and service!

5) Some pneumatic valves are damaged. As a result, the gas cannot enter and exit, and it needs to be repaired and replaced!

6) The air filter element has not been replaced until the equipment has been used (must be replaced after 6000 to 8000 hours).

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