Analysis on the operating cost of the on-site nitrogen making device and liquid
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Analysis on the operating cost of the on-site nitrogen making device and liquid nitrogen vaporization in captgas

According to your company's nitrogen production project30Nm3/h、Nitrogen purity 99.99%Use requirements to calculate the operating cost of on-site nitrogen production. The operating cost of the system is mainly composed of the following aspects:
1、Electricity consumption           2、Equipment maintenance costs           3、Depreciation of equipment
一、Electricity consumptionMainly from the following aspects:
1.Air compressor: The rated power available for the air compressor is 22kw. Because the unloading of the air compressor and proper compressed air margin are taken into account when the system is selected, the actual power consumption of the air compressor is about 80% of the rated power. That is: about 17.6kw.
2.Freeze dryer:The rated power available for the freeze dryer is 0.56kw.
3.Nitrogen Generator:The raw material of the nitrogen generator is compressed air, and the nitrogen generator itself basically does not consume electricity, it mainly uses electricity for the instrument, and the rated power is about 0.2kw.
4.Nitrogen booster:The use of an oil-free nitrogen booster unit can increase the nitrogen pressure. Choose a power consumption of 3.5kw. After reaching the pressure, it will automatically start and stop. The actual energy consumption is about 80%, which is 2.8Kw.
5.In summary, the power used by the entire nitrogen generation system is: 21.2kw
Assuming that the electricity bill is: 1.0 yuan/kwh, then the hourly power consumption is 21.2×1.0=21.2 yuan (electricity fee)
(The electricity price in peak and valley time zone will be lower)
Calculated by 8000 hours of production per year
Annual usage fee: 21.2×8000 hours/year=169,600.00 yuan/year (electricity fee) === full load usage!
二、Equipment maintenance and maintenance costs:
The maintenance and maintenance costs of the whole machine are mainly reflected in:
Air compressor
Air filter element: Replace every 4000 hours  Unit price: 265 yuan/piece
Oil and gas filter element: Replace every 8000 hours  Unit price: 1600 yuan/piece
Oil filter element: Replace every 4000 hours     Unit price: 276 yuan/piece
Lubricating oil: change every 8000 hours           Unit price: 960 yuan/time
Compressed air filter C, T, A three-stage filtration  Replace every 8000 hours: 400/3

Nitrogen generator: oxygen analyzer probe: replace every two years, unit price: 580 yuan/piece

Activated carbon: Replace every 8000 hours: 500/25kg

Total equipment maintenance and maintenance costs: 5,632.00 yuan / year (maintenance and maintenance costs) = = full load use!

3. Depreciation of equipment: The depreciation period of equipment is ten years (total equipment investment is approximately 220,000.00)

Annual depreciation expense: 22,000.00 yuan/year (equipment depreciation expense)

Combining the above costs:

Total: Electricity fee + equipment maintenance fee + equipment depreciation fee = 169,600 yuan/year (electricity fee) + 5,632 yuan/year (maintenance

Maintenance cost) + 22,000 (depreciation cost of equipment) = 197,232 yuan/year usage fee

It produces 8000 hours per year, and produces 8000*30=240,000 cubic meters of nitrogen in a year.

The cost of nitrogen per cubic meter is: 197,232÷240000 = 0.82 yuan/m3

Liquid nitrogen operating cost analysis

The price of liquid nitrogen with a purity of 99.99% on the market is about 1,250 yuan/ton (about 1,000 yuan/cubic), and one ton of liquid nitrogen

Nitrogen can be vaporized to get about 840 cubic meters of gaseous nitrogen, and the price of nitrogen per cubic meter is about 1.488 yuan. (Excluding the pre-invested liquid nitrogen storage grains, vaporizers, annual maintenance, and labor costs) + liquid nitrogen storage grains rent + liquid nitrogen daily evaporation and consumption of nitrogen. The cost of using liquid nitrogen: 30Nm3/h×1.488 yuan = 44.64 yuan /hour

Annual usage cost: 44.64×8000 hours/year=357,120.00 yuan/year

Type of nitrogen production
Operating costs
Annual usage fee (yuan)
Annual cost savings (yuan)
Liquid nitrogen
On-site nitrogen production
Note: Some customers use other nitrogen supply methods (steel cylinders or dewar vaporizers), the cost will be more expensive, and another problem is the problem of nitrogen pressure. The pressure of the nitrogen generator is always constant to ensure that the thick plate It can also be done easily!
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