Importance of carbon molecular sieve filling technology in nitrogen generator
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Importance of carbon molecular sieve filling technology in nitrogen generator

The carbon molecular sieve in the nitrogen generator must have special filling technology when it is loaded into the adsorption tower, otherwise it is very easy to pulverize and cause failure. From the process flow, we can find that when the compressed air enters from the bottom of the adsorption tower at high speed, if there is no special The carbon molecular sieve in the gas distributor and the adsorber of the nitrogen generator is subject to the strong impact and friction of the airflow, which easily causes the carbon molecular sieve to pulverize. In addition, it is impossible to fill the carbon molecular sieve into the adsorption tower absolutely tightly. After a period of use, the gap between the carbon molecular sieve decreases and sinks slowly. If there is no good compaction device for the carbon molecular sieve, the upper part of the adsorption tower will be Obvious space appears. When the compressed air enters the lower part of the adsorption tower, the carbon molecular sieves will quickly displace in a short time under the impact of the airflow, causing the carbon molecular sieves to collide with each other, rub against and collide with the adsorption tower wall, which makes it easy to make The carbon molecular sieve in the nitrogen machine fails to pulverize.

The Suzhou captgas nitrogen generator maximizes the effectiveness of carbon molecular sieve, which is directly related to the process flow of each nitrogen manufacturer and the height-to-diameter ratio of the adsorption tower. At the same time, it is very particular about ensuring the service life of molecular sieve:

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