Captgas the main components of the brand nitrogen generator are different
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The main components of the Captgas brand nitrogen generator are different

Captgas brand nitrogen generator system engineering benefited from the excellent domestic and foreign component composition, as well as the professional brand nitrogen generator process design and manufacturing team of captgas company. After continuous improvement, the world's top suppliers have been selected, including: Companies such as CarboTech GmbH of Germany, Takeda Chemical, Industries of Japan, Kuraray Chemical of Japan, BURKET of Germany, Atlas Copco of Sweden, Siemens of Germany and UOP of the United States.

So that the Suzhou captgas brand nitrogen generators have been leading the difference in the same industry; the operation is more stable, reliable, and economical, which is your company's best choice.

The nitrogen produced by the Suzhou captgas brand nitrogen production device is widely used in the heat treatment protective atmosphere of metal materials and mechanical parts, coal mine gas explosion-proof, pharmaceutical nitrogen packaging, petrochemical nitrogen sealing and pipeline nitrogen purging, electronic industry nitrogen protection, synthetic fibers, Nitrogen protection in the production process of powder metallurgy, fruit and vegetable preservation, food storage, anti-corrosion protection of traditional Chinese medicine and other major industries.

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