Calculation of clean air volume of nitrogen generator (nitrogen generator)
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Calculation of clean air volume of nitrogen generator (nitrogen generator)

Compressed air is taken from the atmosphere, and the atmosphere always contains a certain amount of water vapor, usually called moist air. The air contains water, dust, oil, etc., which need to be removed. (Further correction of pressure and temperature) The gas production volume is released.

The part of our nitrogen generator is a clean gas source. The calculation for the nitrogen generator's consumption of 480 cubic meters of gas source is as follows:

Dry and clean compressed air consumption = pure nitrogen volume + vent flow (regeneration volume)

1 Compressed air consumption refers to the measured value when the dry temperature is 20℃ in the standard state;

2 The vent flow (regeneration capacity) depends on the size of the adsorption tower volume and the adsorption pressure. The venting is once per minute, and each venting is to release the gas in the adsorber under pressure to normal pressure;

Pressure correction factor ∮= Carbon molecular sieve original test pressure value (0.64) / current pressure value (0.75) = 85%

Temperature correction coefficient P= 273(K)+20℃(standard temperature)/ 273(K)+60℃(air compressor outlet temperature)=88%

If there is any change in the outlet temperature of the air compressor, it must be corrected again!

Water volume content V =100%-when the ambient temperature difference is 40℃, the water vapor content is 7.2% =92.8%

Therefore, our conclusion is: The conversion of ordinary moisture and clean air at the outlet of the air compressor is as follows

Clean air volume (480 m3/h) ÷ pressure correction factor (85%) ÷ temperature correction factor (88%) ÷ water volume content (92.8%)

= Air consumption of air compressor (691.5 m3/h)

Therefore, we recommend that customers provide a nitrogen generator with a purity of 99.99% and a flow rate of 100 square meters.

75Kw/ 100P air compressor (this is subject to the brand air compressor!)

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