Captgas application of Nitrogen Generator System in Coal Mine
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Application of captgas nitrogen generator nitrogen generator system in coal mine

The dedicated nitrogen production equipment in coal mines is mainly composed of six main units: compressed air air purification unit, compressed air buffer unit, oxygen and nitrogen separation unit, nitrogen buffer unit, and control unit.

1- Compressed air unit: The compressed air comes from an air compressor or compressed air station. Air compressors are air pressure generating devices, which are air source devices that convert mechanical energy into gas pressure energy, and provide qualified and stable compressed air for subsequent equipment.

2-Air purification unit: mainly composed of air-water separator, pipeline filter, freeze dryer, fine filter, ultra-precision filter, activated carbon degreasing device, electronic sewage valve, ball valve, etc. Its function is to remove compressed air Of dust, water and oil.

3-Air buffer unit: It is mainly composed of air storage tank and attached valve and instrument. It is used to reduce air flow pulsation, buffer the compressed air, reduce the load of the subsequent oxygen and nitrogen separation unit, and ensure the stable and reliable operation of the equipment.

4-Oxygen-nitrogen separation unit: mainly composed of compression cylinder, muffler, pneumatic valve, adsorption tower and its auxiliary instruments. The two adsorption towers alternately perform adsorption and regeneration, complete oxygen and nitrogen separation, and continuously output nitrogen.

5-Nitrogen buffer unit: It is mainly composed of a flow meter, a filter, a buffer tank and its auxiliary instruments. It is used to balance the nitrogen output from the oxygen-nitrogen separation unit to ensure the continuous supply of nitrogen is stable.

6-Control unit: It is mainly composed of a programmable controller, a touch screen, a nitrogen analyzer, a solenoid valve, and an electric control cabinet.

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